For Nonprofits

The Southwest Community Foundation supports nonprofit organizations that serve residents of Southwest DC (20024). It seeks out and invests in solutions to sustain and improve the quality of life for Southwest DC residents. Our first grant round opened November 2021. Grant awards will be announced mid-February 2022

Community Grant Program Guidelines

Who is eligible for funding from Southwest Community Foundation?
Tax-exempt organizations under Internal Revenue Code Section 501(c)(3), including public charities as described in IRC 509(a)(1)-(4) and 170(b)-(c). Schools are also eligible.

Will the Foundation award grants to organizations that are not 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization but have a fiscal sponsor?
Yes, provided the fiscal sponsor meets the eligibility criteria. Enter the fiscal sponsor’s EIN (Tax ID)

What is ineligible for funding?
Contributions to political or labor organizations, candidates, or causes.
Contributions that facilitate religious mission, doctrine, or organization.

Community Grant Opportunity

The Southwest Community Foundation announces a special grant opportunity that opens October 1, 2022. The Foundation expects to make awards up to $10,000 each, for innovative projects which enhance the lives of people living in Near Southwest DC. (20024). The grant funds have been made possible by a community-benefits agreement negotiated by ANC6D. 

Established in 2015, The Southwest Community Foundation fosters ways to strengthen the volunteer and not-for-profit sectors of the Near Southwest community. Serving as a formal, impartial, nonpartisan vehicle, it directs philanthropic monies where they are most needed and best deployed. The Foundation accepts funds and donations intended for the benefit of residents of Near Southwest, defined as the area bounded by 14th Street SW, Independence Avenue, South Capitol Street, and the Potomac and Anacostia rivers. This area includes residents of all ages, races, and incomes, in public housing, market-rate rental units, and single-family homes. 

The Southwest Community Foundation welcomes grant applications for programs, operations, and projects from nonprofit organizations that are based in Southwest or primarily serve Southwest residents. The Foundation will publish application guidelines on its website by October 1. The deadline for submission will be December 1. Awards will be announced and distributed in early 2023.   

The Southwest Community Foundation will hold an information meeting via Zoom on September 13th at 1:00-2:00pm.  To be added to the invite list, please contact the Foundation at [email protected] with your contact information.  

For further information, stay in touch with Southwest Community Foundation | Improving Life in Southwest DC (


Tips for Successful GRANT Applications


In order to ensure your grant proposal receives the best consideration possible, here are some suggestions from the Foundation you may find useful in preparing your grant application. 


        • Proofread your grant application!
        • Make sure the grant amount requested on the first page of the application matches the grant amount indicated in the budget section.
        • Check your math in the budget section to make sure that all the budget detail amounts add up to the budget summary.
        • The budget justification should include all cost elements of the proposed budget and how the figures were derived.
        • Remember the application reviewers may not be familiar with your proposed project, so you will need to describe the historic resource if warranted. This will ensure the Foundation can understand why it is important.
        • Clearly state what it is you want to accomplish with grant funding – a reviewer should be able to read your application and know what you are proposing.
        • There must be a connection between the proposed budget and the project; every budget item should be discussed in the narrative section(s) of the application so the reviewers can fully understand why items are necessary.
        • A longer response is not necessarily better.
        • Remember to answer every part of each question.
        • If possible, use good photographs to illustrate your project.
        • Submit ahead of the deadline if you can, to ensure your application meets the deadline.