2023 Grants Awarded

The Southwest Community Foundation has awarded grants totaling $35,975 to eleven nonprofit organizations in Zip Code 20024. The grants were made in February 2023 and concluded the Foundation’s second year of grant awards.

The Foundation launched its grants program in autumn 2021 with funds provided as a community benefit from Douglas Development. It awards the grants competitively to Southwest-based or Southwest-serving nonprofit organizations, who submit proposals that address significant local needs or issues.

During the proposal review process the Foundation invites each applicant to meet with members of the Board of Directors to answer questions and to provide additional information needed by the Foundation or proffered by the applicant.

A third round of grants will begin with a call for proposals in autumn 2023.

Recipients of 2023 Grants

5000 Food Pantry
To support the program’s Saturday staple food pantry packages for 80–110 families per month.

Carron Baptist Church
To support special events such as the annual Juneteenth Celebration, the Back-to-School event, and Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners.

FreshFarm: FoodPrints
To support the FoodPrints program, which uses garden-based outdoor education and hands-on food education for improving health and academic outcomes for students at Amidon-Bowen Elementary School and their families.

James Creek Resident Council
To support projects and events designed to support single parents and their families by providing book bags and school supplies and through related activities and events such as the Haunted Alley safe space for Halloween night, the annual Community Engagement Thanksgiving meal, and the Winter Wonderland holiday experience.

Richard Wright Public Charter School
To support the purchase of visual arts supplies and musical equipment for the arts program.

Southwest Community Gardens
To support the Garden Spring Kickoff and purchase supplies for the garden

Southwest DC Community Center
To support the Southwest Community Center’s 2023 Mutt Strutt, a celebratory dog-and-owner stroll throughout Southwest.

SWNA Scholarship Fund
To support the printing of the program for the 50th Anniversary Scholarship awards event.

Thelma D. Jones Breast Cancer Fund
To support interactive Breast Cancer 101 sessions for adult women, men, and high school and junior high students.

Washington DC Police Foundation
To support the purchase of a portable generator and other items related to the Police Foundation’s public movie series.

Waterfront Village
To support an arts enrichment program for older adults as a mechanism for promoting health and wellness and building relationships among residents across the Waterfront area.